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WOLFTOWN is a multi-disciplinary design studio located in the old fish-packing district of Reykjavík. Our studio is located by the harbour in the hip industrial neighbourhood of 101 Grandi. We are hyperlocal and integrated into the local community of Restaurant Owners, Designers, Artists, Cheese Fanatics, Food Lovers, Chocolate Makers, Botanical Bars and more. 

We have been running a co-working studio for the last 4 years in the neighbourhood. The studio consists of Artists, Graphic Designers, Fashion Designers and Photographers. 

We were also one of the co-founders of the award-winning Omnom Chocolate, who have headquarters in the same street. We created the branding, illustrations, packaging, chocolate bar moulds, and designed the interior of the factory and factory shop.
We received various awards for the packaging and the chocolate, including a Bronze at the European Design Awards for Packaging Design in 2015.

We helped to design the interior for Luna Florence, a new gipsy bar with flowers and cocktails.

We co-founded a Screen Printing pop-up called Printavik between 2015-2018, working with local designers and labels on various projects, including Iceland Airwaves, Cintamani and KEX Hostel.

We also created Indie-brand cosmetics and skincare called URÐ. We continue to design new products for the brand and launched a Sustainable Pebble Soap for Design March 2019 in Reykjavik.

Our new studio will open it’s doors this summer and is located 100 meters from our current location in an old fisherman’s factory-house called a “Verbúð”. The location is perfect, as we are on the harbour, next to Studio Ólafur Eliasson and we will rub shoulders with Ragnar Kjartansson. 

We are passionate about design, branding, and photography, and always excited about new collaborations and challenges.

Selected projects here:

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