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Screen Printing Studio


PRENT means to print in Icelandic and image or picture in Afrikaans. It is pronounced the same in both languages, with a hard rolling R.

PRENT is a collaborative screen printing studio located in Grandi, in the last verbúð on Grandagarður - the home of Wolftown Studio. It is a collaboration between André Visage (Afrikaans) and Ragnar Visage (Icelandic)

PRENT will collaborate with various artists, screen printers, illustrators and other creatives. Our objective is to create limited-run art prints with each creative. One direction will be the artist own unique work and the other will be a multi-layered print, combining our ideas, skills and specialities, while keeping to the main theme. The prints will also be applied to products which will be for sale online and in the studio.

Each selected creative will spend preappointed days during a two week period at the studio. We will develop ideas, design, expose and print the final product together during this time. 

All final limited-run art prints will be exhibited side by side at the end of our 10-month project at a selected gallery in Grandi/Reykjavík (pending available space)

To apply for this residency, just send your portfolio and a motivation why you would like to partake to

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PRENT is sponsored by Hönnunarmiðstöð and Hönnunarsjóður.

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Various Artists


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